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How to Include Memorabilia in Scrapbooks

Learn how to include memorabilia in scrapbooks in this Howcast video featuring expert Carla Sylvester.


Scrapbooks aren't necessarily all about photos, a lot of times you'll want to include memorabilia into your scrapbooks. All those little pieces of life that you collect that have meaning, that help you tell the story. So here I want to tell you a little about the kinds of memorabilia that you can include in your scrapbook.

We'll start over here with the smash book, because this is the kind of genre people associate with memorabilia especially, and this book is packed with things. You can see the playbill, the clothing tags, and so-on, just full of those kinds of little pieces of life.

But even in a more traditional scrapbook, you can still include your memorabilia. With this project life album, we've got some movie tickets, and then we'll show you a few other pages that have other kinds of memorabilia.

On this page we have, a ticket again, and that's just glued right onto the page. This page, this piece of canvas actually was, the tag from inside this hat, so that's a great way to keep that part of a memory. Now here's a page that has lots of memorabilia, and it's all grouped together in a cluster in the corner of the page. We've got tokens, tickets, hotel keys, just all kinds of different pieces that help tell the story of this page.

Then finally, over here is something really interesting to point out, because if your memorabilia is too big to fit on your page, you can still include it on your page. This is actually a book cover that was photocopied, and printed out on the page. You can do the same thing with say, a playbill or a program from a show. You can take your whole playbill, shrink it down to size and then it fits on your page and you still have room for your photographs.

Over here I have all kinds of other memorabilia that I've collected that I can't wait to put in one of my albums. So I hope you're doing the same, hang onto your memorabilia, include them in your scrapbooks because they're part of the story.

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