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How to Use Stickers in Scrapbooks

Learn how to use stickers in scrapbooks in this Howcast video featuring expert Carla Sylvester.


One of the really fun things about scrapbooking is playing with stickers, and I think those of us who've been scrapbooking for a while love to collect stickers. I've got just a few different kinds over here. We have alphabet stickers, stickers that can be a title, stickers that are flat, stickers that are dimensional, stickers that look like metal. And they're just so much fun to play with.

So I want to show you a couple of things that you can do with them, and then we'll look at some pages that use stickers in different ways. I want to show you these stickers, not only because they are beautiful, but also because they're dimensional. If you look at them sideways, you'll see that there are actually layers of foam in between layers of sticker, and so that's what makes them so dimensional and lets them just pop right up off the page. And you could actually create your own dimensional stickers in a similar way. If you have something that you really want to give just a little lift to off the page, you can take a flat sticker like this one. Just peel it off your sheet. And by the way, when you're handling stickers, a pair of tweezers comes in really handy so you're not always trying to use your fingernail to lift them up.

Reverse action tweezers like these let you not only peel them up, or at least get it started peeling, but also to kind of just hold it in place until you get your sticker in just the right spot on your page. But I'm not going to adhere this down just yet. I am going to flip it over, and I'm going to put some foam dots on the back, so that I can elevate that from the page. So these foam dots are double-sided adhesive. You just peel them back from the sheet, and so that part is already sticky. You put that down on your sticker. And really for a small sticker you probably only need one in the middle.

I am going to add a couple more. And I will tell you, though, if you were to put just one in the middle, that would be fine. A way to keep that sticker from adhering down once you did have that one foam dot is to apply baby powder to the back part of the sticker, and that removes the adhesive quality, and then your sticker won't stick down. It will just be the foam dot holding it up. So back to the foam dot here. I'm just going to peel these off and put down my best friend. By the way, I'm doing this just for demonstration purposes, but if you had a sticker like this that was really a journaling sticker, you would want to do your writing first, before you put foam dots under it, because it's going to be a little bit more difficult to actually write on here now that I've got it with foam. But that gives you your elevation off the page, and if you can tell how that's now lifted off my little tag. It's a great way to add dimension to your page. OK. Let's look at some of those pages. So we have this page which actually has several different stickers on it. And you can see that they're actually mounted on the circles, and there's a reason for this. When you're using smaller stickers like this, you want them to be grounded.

They need to have kind of a home. If this tree were not here, and these Santas were just floating around, they kind of would be like Santas in space or something. I don't know. So you want to have a base for stickers like this. Now with this page, these stickers don't have a separate base, but because they're grouped together, and they are on this space, and there's a defined space that they're living in, it serves the same purpose. So those stickers are kind of all clustered together, and they're telling a story. And then we also have another title sticker right down here. On this page, these metallic-looking stickers are again mounted on a home, and we see also illustrated here is one of those design principles, using a visual triangle to let your eye move around the page.

These three little cupids are forming an imaginary triangle, and so it kind of adds some motion to the page. Here's a page with a whole lot of snowflake stickers, and they're beautiful just as they are, and they also already have a little bit of dimension with the foam dots under them. But when you cluster them all together like that, you get even more impact.

So think about when you have stickers that are similar like that, you can see they're similar stickers but different sizes, think about how you could group them together to add impact to your page. You could do the same thing with flowers, for example. This next page has several different stickers on it. Again, kind of the visual triangle with the groups of flower stickers, but also a title. And another thing that's nice about this is there's this title, but then additional stickers are added in. So you could combine stickers to create a scene or tell a story. Here's another example of stickers that are mounted on homes, but then they're kind of interspersed with photos so they kind of help tell the story.

They're almost like they're own little photographs. And then finally, over here we have a page that again has several different kinds of stickers. Our little animals here have their own little home. They have that same kind of mat that we talked about a minute ago. And then the alphabet stickers create their own titles and help tell the story, and actually it is Toy Story, by the way. And those are just some of the different ways that you can use stickers. So have fun with them.

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