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How to Use Die Cuts in Scrapbooks

Learn how to use die cuts in scrapbooks in this Howcast video featuring expert Carla Sylvester.


Die-cuts on your scrapbook page are very similar to stickers, except that they don't have adhesive on the back. So you can treat them like a sticker or not. I have here an assortment of die-cuts and a die-cut, some are just plain shapes, but a lot of them now have printing on them. So, it's just a plain piece of paper that's already been popped out and cut into a special shape.

Because they don't have adhesive on the back, you can do things with them like turn them into tags. Like I could punch a hole right in this thing and make it a tag, and it could be a tag for a gift or it could be a tag on a page or on a card. On this example we've punched holes through the mittens, inserted eyelets, and strung twine through, so now these can dangle on a project. And then here's an example where individual die-cuts are grouped together in a border. Now this border can go on a holiday page. I have a few other projects here to show you. This page has die-cuts, all these flowers, this little bird, they're all die-cuts, and then they've been popped up with foam dots.

They really kind of help carry through the story on the page. And they're grouped together. Here is another example, and here we have die-cut borders and these two have been layered together, another die-cut border up here, and another die-cut as a title, and really there's your page. How simply is that? And then on this page over here it's kind of the opposite of simple.

It's where these die-cuts have actually been clustered together. So, this label and then there's the butterfly, the birdcage, and then three flowers, and then the bird on top. Plus the pieces up here are all dies that have been grouped together and layered together to add interest to the page, add dimension to the page, and help tell the story of the page. Die-cuts, like almost everything with scrapbooks, can also be used on card-making. So here's a very simple card and these pieces here are just dies that are adhered together with foam adhesive and with a little greeting on the front, and that's the card. On this example, these are die-cuts that have actually been connected with brads.

So we punched the holes through and added the brads and it kind of twists and turns into it's own special card, which is really, really cute. So, don't forget about die-cuts when you're thinking about ways to embellish your page and help tell the story.

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