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How to Use Edge Punches for Scrapbooking

Learn how to use edge punches in this Howcast scrapbooking tutorial featuring expert Carla Sylvester.


A great way to customize your scrapbook page is with punches and in another video you can learn how to use craft punches. Right now, we're going to talk about edge punches. I have two different punches here and I want to show you how they work. Punches work by punching a die cut-looking pattern into your paper. You insert your paper into the punch tool and right under this head punch is where the actual punching takes place. That's where the die is. In fact, let me just flip this over for you and you could see that's your punch blade right inside there, so when you press that lever, the punch comes through.

You'll just put your paper in there and then punch and there you go. There's that beautiful pattern. Now, to make your second punch, so it's a continuous pattern, you're just going to put that paper back in again and then there's a pattern on the wings of the punch that you'll just line the punched paper over. The punched paper goes directly over the pattern on the punch 'til it's just like that and if you're wondering, "Gee, have I got the paper in the right place?" just look at this printed pattern. The next punch is going to take place right about there, right where the design is printed, so I'm going highball it a little bit and bring it right back in there and do my next punch and there it is.

If by any chance you should happen to miss a space, with most punches, you can actually go back in and capture it and I'll show you what I mean here. I've got it in there, I punched, I take out my paper, oh my gosh, I missed a space. I can go right back in there. Make sure that piece that I need to capture is in there under the head of the punch and still make sure that I line up that pattern of the paper over the pattern on the punch, press again. You can punch the entire length of your paper this way and then you'll end up with a border that looks something like this. This is a great example of a masculine page. A lot of things in scrapbooking tend to be floral, but this particular punch lends it really well to this page.

The other edge punch I have for you works in much the same way and in fact we're going to use that same piece of paper that we punched before, but first let me show you the front of the punch. Again, you see the design printed on the punch head as well as on the wings and then on the backside, you see where the die is. This punch has a button that unlocks the lever mechanism, so when I slide that button, it unlocks and I'm ready to punch. My paper just goes right in here. I punch and there's my chevron design and then to continue punching, I'm just going to line it up the design on the pattern on the wing of the punch and punch again.

Those are edge punches and, again, a great tool to add to your scrapbooking kit and a nice way to customize borders on your page.

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