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How to Use Spray Inks & Stencils for Scrapbooking

Learn how to use spray inks and stencils on your scrapbook pages in this Howcast video featuring expert Carla Sylvester.


When you're scrap booking, you can create your own customs backgrounds using spray-mists. You can, also, use these mists to change the color of paper that you already have, to change the color of other page elements that you already have, and so lets see how some of these work. There are lots of different types of spray-mists out there, so you want to make sure you read the packaging carefully and understand how each one works. With this particular one, you want to tap the bottle, not shake it, but just tap it a little bit. This is a glimmer mist and you want get those little glimmery pieces to circulate inside liquid so that when you spray it you'll get the effect that you intended to, and I'm protecting my surface with a silicone or a non-stick mat, which will whip clean, when I'm down, so here we go spray glimmer mist.

Now, you can control what the mist actually looks like depending on how far away from the paper you go see how this was much more spattered effect and this is much more of a concentrated effect and now have a three other sprays different brand and these actual have scent to them, and I choose these colors, because I happen to like reds can you tell, but, also, because I thought the red and oranges would look like nice to together so now lets experiment with these colors. Yellow is really nice, and if i go in with a little orange, I'll get a different pattern. You can imagine making a sunset using these colors kind of create your own sunset background so that's how that page looks, and to my left, you can see how that same technique works on a project, so this was piece of 12-by-12 scrapbook paper american flag, but if you wanted to have more of an aged look, then you would spray it and this is very a light color, coffee color, spray, but it's got just enough of that brownish hue to it to make this lag just like it's been around a while now. So now let's take a look at what we can do with some templates.

All right, so I have a new piece of paper here polka dots on one side solid on the other that's such a tuff choice, but P'm gonna go with the solid, because I want to see what really some of these templates look like. This is kind of a classic looking template. I'm actually going to tilt it on it's side, because i'm feeling that way today, and i wasn't suppose to shake this, but I didn't shake too much I promise, and I'm gonna step back, mainly, to keep myself from spraying more of the table, then I really wanted too. Now, leaving the template in place et's layer of this red, and now, let's see what we got. Check it out. So that's just stage one, though, I have another template here that I want to add to this, so I'm going to put this template right about there and now with some other spray inks we'll do some more spraying. You can really have a lot of fun just playing with these inks and stencils. One thing is when you do pick up the stencils make sure that you pick them straight up or wait till your ink is a little bit dry just so you don't smear it around, because you wouldn't want to ruin your look so this is what I achieved with those couple of stencil.

Now, if you layer this on top of patterned paper you'll get still a different look so let's go one more round with the sprays and stencils this time on top of this pattern paper, so first, I am going too.. I'm laying this, by the way, right on top of my, my mat, you'd really want to whip that off but for right now I'm just gonna leave it right here and spray some this the brown right on top of all those pretty colors, and it is a dark brown if you used a lighter brown you'd get an effect more like this flag. Now, I'm going just add another stencil right on top, again, I haven't cleaned these stencils off in the interest of time but I'm going to just lay one stencil right on top of my pattern paper. Now, I'm going to carefully lift off this stencil. We can see this paper now has quiet a different look from when it started. So you can see that with the addition spray inks and stencils you can really customize your paper to fit a color you want, to fit a look that you want. Let met show you just one more page.

This particular page combined inking and spraying and stencils so we had some inking around the edges and there some stamping in there, but there's, also, some stenciled spray and stenciled areas, and actually, even these photo corners were originally bared chipped board, but with color spread inks, they were transformed to colors to match the page, so these are some ideas for what you can do with spray inks and stencils.

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