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How to Add Texture to Your Scrapbook Pages

Learn how to add texture to your scrapbook pages in this Howcast video featuring expert Carla Sylvester.


Adding texture to your scrapbook pages makes your beautiful memories pop even more. Some people prefer to have little to no texture on their pages, and that's fine. Some people prefer to have it very flat, as flat stickers, flat photos, and so on, and absolutely nothing wrong with that. However, if you do like a little texture on your page, I have quite a few examples here that I'd like to show you to give you some ideas of the many different ways texture can really add a little something special to your pages. First I have this two-page layout with this cute little cowboy, and I want you to take a look here on the left hand side, because this is actual real leather that has been popped through the hole with the help of some eyelets to keep the page from tearing.

And that leather, along with the gold stars that are actually dimensional and the elevated letters all support that theme of the cowboy and just really make this page look so much more lifelike. Here's another double page spread, Fall, and here there's a few touches of texture here and there, but it's just enough to give you that feeling of fall. There's the ribbon. There's the buttons and leaves, and especially down here, this little cluster, the button, the leaves, and the fabric tag. They kind of all come together and just feel really warm and cozy, just like fall. And not to mention the title itself, which is corrugated and then inked over. So again that rough texture just kind of adds that little special extra something that does make it feel like fall. And one more double page spread here.

This layout is so simple, but the texture just tells the story. These waves are all hand stitched. Now you can imagine that took a lot of time to do, but look at the impressive, magnificent effect. And you could get a very similar effect with a sewing machine, too. OK. Now I have some single page layouts for you to look at. This is just really so beautiful. The journaling is on this acetate piece, and this is something that you can do is print on vellum or acetate, which let's you get your journaling in over a photo or over a patterned paper. That along with these little glass bottles and the sand dollar medallion jusr reinforce this ephemeral kind of feeling of being at the beach. Cork.

Who would have thought to put cork on your scrapbook page? Well here it is. These look like they're probably premade letter stickers, but you could also add cork on a page with a roll of cork or pre-cut out cork. and it kind of just depends on what you're trying to talk about with your page. But here it's more of a masculine theme, and so cork just lends itself so well to that. Holy cow. This is just so much dimension I just hardly even know what to do with it. But it's just so beautiful, and such a great example of how you can add real, real texture to your page. It's a wooden letter. There's a metal circle. There's a different kind of texture in every single letter of this scrapbook page title. So just really, really pretty. And here's another really, really pretty one. You don't see a lot of textural embellishments here, but what you see instead is first of all this banner that is handmade, tied with string, and it hangs under this awning that is hand-cut and then popped up with foam dots.

So it adds just a bounce of texture at the top of the page without being overwhelming at all. On our Christmas page here, the felt just feels warm and cozy, just like Christmas. And then our twinkling snowflakes give you another feeling for the season. Story Time page, and look at the stitching. So sewing on your pages we talked about a minute ago. This is something that is totally doable for somebody who has a sewing machine, knows how to sew.

I aspire to that one day. But these pages with their stitches, I feel like they just look so finished, and it's such an unexpected addition of texture. And finally, again a page with lots and lot of texture going on, but the subject is still easy to see, because all these texture elements stick to a simple color scheme. So we have fabric going on and gem stones and labels and chipboard and more gem stones. And don't miss this, with all these eyelets and the twine laced all the way through, and the stitching, and the punching, which has little tiny pinhole size holes in there that are done by the punch.

That is a lot of texture. And more glitter on the bottom. So this is kind of like texture on texture on texture. This is a kind of the other extreme of texture, but it's gorgeous. It looks beautiful, and it's just one example in addition to all these others of how you can use texture on your page. Use a little. Use a lot. But do think about adding a little texture, because it really just adds so much to your page.

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