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How to Scrapbook with Carla Sylvester

Learn about Carla Sylvester, one of Howcast's scrapbooking experts, in this video.


Hi, i'm Carla Sylvester, and yes, I am a certified scrapbook addict. I've always loved playing with words and colors and photographs. I grew up in an Air Force family, and over those years I just, okay, so I'm also a pack rat.

So I kept collecting things that I couldn't let go of. And then, I had my own Air Force career, and I collected more photos and I knew that someday I wanted to put them in a scrapbook, and then the day that I learned how, all the doors opened. Since then I've been scrapping for many years, personally and professionally and I've met really good friends in doing that.

Some of those friends and I have now formed a blog, it's called The Crafting, and we'd love to have you come visit us. In these videos, you'll see lots of scrapbook projects, and all these projects are made by people who contribute to our website, The Crafting Journals. We hope you'll come join us there, and we hope you'll be inspired to scrapbook, just as much as we are.

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