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5 Tones of Mandarin Chinese

Learn the five tones of Mandarin Chinese in this online language lesson from Howcast.


The five tones of Mandarin Chinese, using Ma as an example. Ma. Má. Mā. Mǎ. Mà.

The first tone. Yì' hsrung. Yì' hsrung. Ma. Mother. Ma. Ma. Now you try.

The second tone. Er' hsrung. Ma'. Ma'. Linen, or nom. Ma'. Ma'. Now you try.

The third tone. San hsrung. San shrung. Mǎ. Horse. Mǎ. Mǎ. Now you try.

The fourth tone. S' hsrung. S' hsrung. Má.To scold. Má. Má. Now you try.

The light tone. Ching hsrung. Ching hsrung. Mà. Mà is to be used at the end of a question. Mà. Mà. Mà. Now you try.

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