How to Say "No" in Mandarin Chinese

Learn how to say "no" in Mandarin Chinese in this online language lesson from Howcast.


How to say no in Mandarin Chinese. Bu`haoˇ, bu`haoˇ, bu`haoˇ, bu`haoˇ. Now you try. Bu`haoˇ. Or you can also say buʹshirh`. Buʹshirh`, buʹshirh`, buʹshirh`. Now you try. Buʹshirh`.

Not a chance, no way. Bu`kuhˇnungʹ, bu`kuhˇnungʹ, bu`kuhˇnungʹ, bu`kuhˇnungʹ. Now you try. Bu`kuhˇnungʹ.

Nope, buʹyao`. Buʹyao`, buʹyao`, buʹyao`. Now you try. Buʹyao`.

Don't even think about it. Hsianˇdoubieʹhsianˇ, hsianˇdoubieʹhsianˇ, hsianˇdoubieʹhsianˇ, hsianˇdoubieʹhsianˇ. Now you try. Hsianˇdoubieʹhsianˇ.

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