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How to Say "Brother" & "Sister" in Mandarin Chinese

Learn how to say "brother" and "sister" in Mandarin Chinese in this online language lesson from Howcast.


How to say brother and sister in Mandarin Chinese. Guh guh, older brother. Guh guh. Guh guh. Di di, younger brother. Di di. Di di. Di di. Now, you try. Jie jie. Jie jie, older sister. Jie jie. Jie jie. Jie jie. Now, you try. Mei mei. Younger sister. Mei mei. Mei mei. Mei mei. Now, you try. Hsong di jie mei. Siblings. Hsong di jie mei. Hsong di jie mei. Hsong di jie mei. Now, you try.

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