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How to Say "In-Law" in Mandarin Chinese

Learn how to say "in-law" in Mandarin Chinese in this online language lesson from Howcast.


How to say in-law in Mandarin Chinese. Gong gong, father-in-law. That's your husband's father. Gong gong, gong gong, gong gong. Now you try. Puo' puo", mother-in-law. That's your husband's mother. Puo' puo", puo' puo", puo' puo". Now you try. Yue' fu', father-in-law. That's your wife's father. Yue' fu', yue' fu', yue' fu'. Now you try. You can also say jraun' ren', jraun' ren', jraun' ren', jraun' ren'. Now you try.

Yue' mu, mother-in-law. That's your wife's mother. Yue' mu, yue' mu, yue' mu. Now you try. You can also say jraun' mu niaun', jraun' mu niaun', jraun' mu niaun', jraun' mu niaun'. Now you try. Hsi' fu', daughter-in-law. Hsi' fu', hsi' fu', hsi' fu'. Now you try. Nuu hsu', son-in-law. Nuu hsu', nuu hsu', nuu hsu'. Now you try. Sao sao, sister-in-law. That's your older brother's wife. Sao sao, sao sao, sao sao, Sao sao. Now you try.

Di' mei', sister-in-law. That's your younger brother's wife. Di' mei', di' mei', di' mei', di' mei'. Now you try. Or you couls also call her di' hsi', di' hsi', di' hsi', di' hsi'. Now you try. Jie' fu, brother-in-law. That's your older sister's husband. Jie' fu, jie' fu, jie' fu. Now you try. Mei' fu, brother-in-law. That's your younger sister's husband. Mei' fu, mei' fu, mei' fu. Now you try.

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