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How to Curse in Mandarin Chinese

Learn how to curse in Mandarin Chinese in this online language lesson from Howcast.


How to curse in Mandarin Chinese?

Jien huo. Bitch. Jien huo. Jien huo. Jien huo. Now you try.

Tza jrong. Bastard. Tza jrong. Tza jrong. Tza jrong. Now you try.

Waun ba daan. Asshole. Literally means a turtle egg. Waun ba daan. Waun ba daan. Waun ba daan. Now you try.

Huun daan. Jerk. The literally meaning is a mixed egg. Huun daan. Huun daan. Huun daan. Now you try.

Or you can also say huun jraun. That means a very messy account book. Huun jraun. Huun jraun. Huun jraun. Now you try.

Gaan, fuck. Gaan. Gaan. Gaan. Now you try.

Or you can also say tsao. Tsao. Tsao. Now you try.

Gou pi. Bullshit. Gou pi. Gou pi. Gou pi. Now you try.

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