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What Is Position in Poker?

Learn what position is in poker from poker champion Nick "Nicky Numbers" Brancato in this Howcast video.


Hey, I'm Nicky Numbers. I'm a Professional Poker Player and I'm going to talk to you about position in poker.

What exactly do people mean when they say position? Position primarily takes its form in one of two ways. The first is pre-flop and the second is post-flop.

Pre-flop position has everything to do with this button. The closer you are to being the dealer, the better off you are. The further way you are from being the dealer, the worse your position.

So the worse seat at the table is always under the gun. This is the player that's first to act pre-flop, the player immediately to the left of the big blind. At a 10-handed table, there's 9 people yet to act after the under the gun seat.

However, from the button at a 10-handed table, whenever one folds to you, there's only 2 people yet to act.

And that brings us to our second form of position which is position post-flop. That's the position that people are primarily talking about when they same "in position" or "out of position".

In position means you're acting after your opponents on the flop, turn and river, which means your opponents are forced to act before you on every single street. They're being out of position and you're being in position means that you have an information edge on your opponents. They have to act before you do. That means you get to see what they did before you get to choose what you're going to do. That's an incredibly powerful place to be.

In position players are able to extract more chips from their good hands and lose fewer chips from their losing hands than out of position players.

In general, in No Limit Hold 'Em, you want to be in position as frequently as possible.

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