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How to Bet Poker Chips

Learn how to bet poker chips from poker champion Nick "Nicky Numbers" Brancato in this Howcast video.


Hey, I'm Nicky Numbers, Professional Poker Player, and today, I'm going to show you how to bet your poker chips. So, a lot of people use various techniques for how they actually put their chips into a pot, whether it's an actual bet, a raise, or a call. The first technique I'm going to talk about, is putting your chips into the pot neatly, in separate piles of equal amounts. So, let's say I'm going to bet twenty red chips. I slide my stack forward. I cut them in half. I cut them in quarters. And, now everybody can see how much I wagered. Another way people do the same thing, is they bring out a full stack, and cut it off into fives. And, they stack it out neatly, or sometimes after the last cut, they'll flurry the last one out, so everybody can see how much was in each stack.

Standard is stacks of five, but sometimes you'll see people do stacks of four, or ten, or some other odd amount. Some people when they're going to bet chips, they just put them into the pot, and they just flutter them messily, so, they know they're going to bet five white chips, and they just thrown them in. Now, when I say throw them into the pot, I don't actually mean, throw them into the pot. If there's chips out there, and there's a pot, you never, ever, ever want your chips to hit that pot. That's called splashing the pot, and is extremely bad etiquette. It keeps people from being able to see how much you wagered, and it confuses the pot.

So, if you do flurry your chips, always make sure you're know where near the pot, which is the center of the table. And no where near the chips in front of anyone else. So, you want to flurry into the open. Some people do a flurry that's very neat, where they take their chips, say they're going to bet six white chips, and they just let them tip over, as opposed to making extremely messy, and not caring. The reason this matters, is because how you put your chips into the pot, can give away information about your hand. You're giving away behavioral information based on how you bet your chips. So, you want to bet your chips consistently, whether you consistently do it messy, or, you consistently do it neatly, you want to do it consistently. Because if you sometimes do this, and sometimes do that, you're going to fall into patterns, and patterns are the enemy of poker players.

So, many times, if you know you're going to bet exactly ten chips, or exactly twenty chips, and you have your chips logically arranged, like you should in stacks of twenty, then you can just break off any chips you have on top, and just slide out a stack of twenty. If you know you're going to bet a stack of ten, then you can just cut your chips in half, and slide out a stack of ten. Say you want to bet multiple stacks. Then what you want to do, is size out the exact amount you want to bet. Okay, I want to bet twenty white, twenty red, and two green, and then you can slide them out in one motion.

What you cannot do, is go back to your stack. So, I cannot make a bet that's like this. Come back to my stack, and then add more chips. If you're putting chips into a pot, and you don't announce it, you need to do it in a single motion, which means that if you're going to something like go all in, you have to learn how to move stacks. So, you want to practice setting up stacks of twenty, and sliding them along the felt. What you don't want to do, is do that, when you're trying to go all in. Now, you know how to bet poker chips, so that you can do it consistently, in the same way , and not fall into patterns.

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