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How to Shoot a Glock 23

Learn how to shoot a Glock 23 from Police Officer Keith Charley in this Howcast gun video.


Today's we're going to learn how to shoot the Glock 23 semi-automatic pistol.

This is the Glock 23. Notice it's unloaded. The slide's locked and back. Take your fully loaded magazine and you're going to insert it in the magazine well. Make sure you slap it in so that it's seeded properly. And you're going to rack the slide forward.

Now the gun is loaded. You take your stance. You want to grip the gun with the web of your hand tight up into the tang here. Wrap your fingers around the handle like this, and keep your trigger finger straight until you're ready to shoot.

Wrap your second hand around and your thumbs go together straight with each other. You never want to crisscross your thumbs like this because a slide going back will take skin off.

Take your stance. When you're ready, the finger goes on the trigger, nice and smooth and steady. Take your shots.

When you're done shooting the gun you want to make it safe and empty. You do this by removing the magazine, racking the slide back, you're ejecting the bullet that's in there if there's still anything. Rack it several times to be sure. Lock your gun back.

You can do a visual and physical inspection of the gun making sure there's nothing left. Now the gun is safe. You can put it down.

And that's how to shoot the Glock 23 semi-automatic pistol.

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