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How to Assemble a Desert Eagle .44

Learn how to assemble a Desert Eagle .44 from Police Officer Keith Charley in this Howcast gun video.


Today we're going to talk about how to reassemble the Desert Eagle 44.

First step in reassembling is putting the springs back into the slide. It's going to get a little tricky so with a little practice you'll be able to get it.

On the springs there's a little notch right at the edge here. That's going to fit into this hole at the end of the slide. So you place it in and hold it in place. Usually I like to bring my hand up from underneath to hold it nice and level.

There's a little notch cut out on this piston here. That's going to go in and the spring slides right into the hole with the piston. And if it's done right, it won't be able to come out once it's inserted into the gun.

From there you need to hold it in place. You're going to hold it with your thumb here and keep the springs parallel with the gun. Okay.

Now you need to reinsert the slide on to the frame of the gun. You have to be sure that these two springs fall into the two holes that are right inside when you look into the gun. So when you slide this slide on, you have to do it nice and slow and line up the springs as it goes in. As they line into place, you won't be able to pull this out.

From here you have to put the barrel on to the gun. The barrel just slides right on. Put the back in first. Slide it into place. And snap it into place.

From here you have to pull it back just a little bit and slide this lever back into place to lock your slide. From there you want to draw it back and test it and make sure the gun works.

Pull your trigger. Your hammer slides forward. Your gun is put together correctly. You test it a few times.

The last thing you have to do is reinsert your magazine and the gun is reassembled.

And that is how to reassemble the Desert Eagle 44 caliber pistol.

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