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How to Disassemble a Desert Eagle .44

Learn how to disassemble a Desert Eagle .44 from Police Officer Keith Charley in this Howcast gun video.


Today we're going to talk about how to disassemble the Desert Eagle 44.

The first thing you want to do before disassembling the gun is to make sure the gun is safe and empty.

First thing you want to release the magazine and remove it from the gun. From there you want to draw the slide back and lock it into place. Visually and physically inspect the gun and make sure it's empty. Check the barrel, check everything. Once you are sure the gun is empty you can proceed to take the gun apart. Okay.

Now you're going to rack the slide forward, release the trigger. Okay?

There's a little button here you want to press and release this here. It's a little lever for your thumb. Once you release that forward, the slide, the barrel's going to come off the slide and you're going to move that right off.

From here, you're going to pull the rest of the slide forward and slide it off the gun.

The frame of the gun doesn't have any more parts to remove.

The slide of the gun has springs here which will come off quite easily. So remove those. And there's a little piston that comes out of a hole in the front which will hold the springs in place.

Once you remove those the gun is field stripped and fully disassembled.

And that is how to disassemble the Desert Eagle 44.

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