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How to Shoot a Walther P99

Learn how to shoot a Walther P99 from Police Officer Keith Charley in this Howcast gun video.


Today we're going to discuss how to shoot the Walter P99 semi-automatic pistol.

This is the Walter P99 pistol. You notice the slide is locked back. The gun is empty.

First step, take your loaded magazine, insert it into the magazine well, snap it into place so you know it's seeded properly.

From there the magazine slide release is right here. Slide it forward. Now this gun doesn't have a safety so make sure you do not put your finger on the trigger until you're ready to shoot.

From here you're going to take your grip. The web in your hand to the tang of the weapon here. Nice strong grip.

Your support hand finger is going to come around on top of these fingers and your thumbs are going to lie on top of each other like so.

From there, you take your stance. Line up your sights and fire the weapon.

When the slide locks back, the weapon's telling you it's empty. Visually inspect it. From there you're going to remove the magazine.

On this particular gun the magazine release is ambidextrous, it's on both sides. So its here. It's also here. So you can do it with this hand, or typical shooters do it with their thumb here. Either way you can release the slide from either side.

Remove your magazine. You're going to rack your slide several times to be sure the weapon is empty. Lock it back in the back position. Do a visual and physical inspection of the gun to make sure it's empty. From there the weapon is safe to be stored.

And that is how to shoot the Walter P99 semi-automatic pistol.

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