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How to Assemble a Walther P99

Learn how to assemble a Walther P99 from Police Officer Keith Charley in this Howcast gun video.


Today we're going to talk about how to assemble the Walther P99 9mm pistol. The first thing you do, you have your gun disassembled and cleaned. Take your slide, you want to put the barrel back into the slide. You do this by putting the end of the barrel in first and slide it in and it kind of rests into place, it clicks in. There's only one way it can go so you can't do it wrong. OK. From there you need to put the spring back in. The spring, you put the front end in first in the little notch here. And you're going to compress the spring. And it sits right in this little groove here on the barrel. You can test it to make sure it's in, make sure it doesn't want to put out right here.

From there, if you push forward here, it comes out, you know you have it in right. Take the frame of the gun in your hand and you're going to slide it in. Line up the rails here. Slide it in gently until it's in place. Pull it back. Rack it a few times. Pull the trigger, you get your click, you know the gun has been assembled correctly. Reinsert your magazine in and now you have a fully assembled Walther P99. That is how to assemble the Walther P99 9mm pistol.

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