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Accessories for an M4

Learn about M4 accessories from Police Officer Keith Charley in this Howcast gun video.


Today we're going to talk about some common accessories for the M4 Assault Rifle.

I have this rifle set up here. The first thing I did was put a quad rail system on here. This is one, two, three, four rails on this gun where you can add most of your accessories right to them. They slide right on and off real easy with very little else you have to do.

On that rail, the first thing I have is a handle. This handle here allows the gun to be maneuvered quite easily, especially at close quarters. It's very nice, very comfortable to hold.

In front of that I have a laser light combo right here. This is a LED light with a laser. It's made by Streamlight. It has a momentary switch where you can just click it on just while you're holding it or it has an on/off switch where you can leave it on. And you can have just the light, just the laser, or you can have both.

Further on top, this is a Bushnell holographic sight. What this does, it's electronic, you turn it on and it has a floating reticle where you can quickly acquire a sight and use it to zero in on the target.

Behind that, this is an EO Tech Magnifier. What this does is when you look through this and this, this will look down range and magnify by three times your distance. So if you have a further away target, you look through both and see it as if it's close. Now if you're using this and you need to be, to shoot close up, there's a little lever right here, it flips out of the way. Now you can use just your reflect sight without this in the way.

If these fail on you, one other popular accessory is flip iron sights. Right here, you can use this and this, and now you have your traditional iron sights. You don't have to worry about any of your optics whatsoever.

The last accessory I added on this is a collapsible stock. This will collapse to a variety of locations depending on comfort and what you're using it for.

Just a lot of these accessories, you have to check your local laws because some of them are illegal in certain places.

And these are common accessories for the M4 Assault Rifle.

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