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How to Shoot a Walther G22

Learn how to shoot a Walther G22 from Police Officer Keith Charley in this Howcast gun video.


Today we're going to talk about how to shoot the Walter G22 rifle.

This is the Walter G22. It's a 22 caliber bullpup rifle.

The first thing you do is load the weapon. This particular gun holds a spare magazine in the stock here. So you're going to remove the magazine which is already loaded. Place it into the magazine well like such, being sure that it's seeded nice and tight.

Once you do that you need to rack the gun. On this particular gun since it's a bullpup rifle, all the mechanisms are here in the stock. So you're going to grab here and rack the gun.

Now the gun is loaded and ready to shoot.

The safety is on both sides. It's ambidextrous. Forward is safe. When you slide it back, it's in fire mode. You're going to see these two red tabs pop up. Whenever you see red you know the gun is ready to fire.

Once the gun is loaded, take your stance. Line up your sights. This particular gun has an aftermarket sights on it. You can use those or it has pop up iron sights if you don't have sights on it. Line up your shot. Squeeze the trigger.

Once the gun is empty, remove the magazine. The magazine release button is right here in the trigger guard. Press the button there, the magazine pops out. If you were going to reload another one you could just pop it in, otherwise remove it from there.

I like to switch hands. Pull back. Make sure there's nothing left in it. A little visual inspection. If you're still at the range you could fire a shot just to be sure and make the gun safe.

And that is how to shoot the Walter G22 Bullpup Rifle.

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