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How to Shoot a Shotgun

Learn how to shoot a shotgun from Police Officer Keith Charley in this Howcast gun video.


Today we're going to talk about how to shoot a Mossberg 500 Pump Action 12-gauge shotgun.

This is the Mossberg 500. This is a pistol-grip shotgun. I have a folding stock put on it so you can fire this gun like a pistol-grip shotgun or if you depress this button right here, you can fold out your stock for a more traditional shotgun, or shotgun feel.

From here, you got to load the gun. You have your shotgun shells which will be placed in the gun like this. Just push them in and push them forward. They won't come out. There's a spring that keeps them in place. Just load your shells in the bottom like this.

Once your shells are loaded, you're going to rack the gun like such and that's how you load a live round into the chamber. From there, you're going to make sure your safety is on here. You see the red dot? That means the safety is off and the gun is ready to fire.

For the shotgun, it's very important to hold the gun properly. With this gun you're going to grab the pistol grip nice and firm. Your support hand is going to be on the fore-grip of the gun like this. You want to make sure the stock is tucked in tight to the shoulder.

From there, just aim down the barrel and fire the weapon. You pump the gun like that and that will load a new round into the chamber and you fire the gun again.

The gun is empty. There's no indicator that tells you the gun is empty so when the gun doesn't fire, you know there's nothing left in it. What I do is pump it back again, it opens up the chamber so you can see that there's no rounds left either in the bottom where they're stored or in the chamber itself.

You can make the gun safe with the safety and the gun is ready to be stored.

That is how to shoot the Mossberg 500 12-Gauge Shotgun.

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