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11 Shooting Range Safety Tips

Learn 11 shooting range safety tips from Police Officer Keith Charley in this Howcast gun video.


Today we're going to discuss some shooting range safety tips.

The first thing you want to think about when you're going to the shooting range is to make sure that you're not drinking any alcohol or under the influence of any type of prescription or recreational drugs. It's very important. You want to have a good sound state of mind when you're shooting.

The second thing, it's very important. Ear protection and eye protection. It's very important to wear these when you're shooting to protect yourself from any flying debris, loud noises and stuff like that.

Once you get out to the range you want to remember to always keep the muzzle of your gun pointed in a safe direction. The gun is always loaded. You've got to treat it as such. And you never point a gun anywhere but down range.

You also want to keep your finger off the trigger until the moment you are ready to shoot. When you're lining up, you keep your finger straight. Ready to pull that trigger, that's when you put that finger on that trigger and you pull the trigger.

When you're not shooting you want to keep the action on your gun open and the gun unloaded. It's very important to avoid any type of accident.

You also want to know your fire arm and your ammunition. You want to be familiar with your gun. How to fix it if there's a problem. Make sure you have the right ammunition for the gun. You don't want to have any problems. You can jam up a gun really good with the wrong ammunition or potentially cause a problem that could injure or kill someone.

It's a good idea to have one caliber of ammunition in a gun at a time. That way you don't get confused and maybe accidentally add the wrong ammo to a gun, once again causing a serious problem for your gun.

You've got to know and obey all the rules and commands of the particular range you're at. Most ranges will have a set of rules and directions posted. Just read them over. Know the specific rules for that place. They're going to explain everything to do to be safe at the range.

Also when you're on a firing line, if there's any problems, you have a jam, if there's a range officer, just raise your hand. Don't turn around with your gun and start pointing your gun around. Raise your hand. Someone will come over and help you if you need assistance.

Also, you never, ever, ever go down range until the firing has stopped. If there's a range officer, they'll usually blow a whistle or sound a horn and everyone will put their guns down. And then if you need to go down range to change targets or to pick up something that was dropped, you can do so at that time.

Lastly, it's just very important to remember, treat every gun as if it was loaded. No matter what. If you know you unloaded it, treat it as if it was loaded because you never can be too careful and mistakes do happen, accidents do happen, and we want to avoid that.

And those are some range safety tips.

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