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2 Shooting Stances

Learn two shooting stances from Police Officer Keith Charley in this Howcast gun video.


Today we're going to talk about different shooting stances.

There are two basic shooting stances that are used mostly today. They are the weaver stance and the isosceles stance.

The weaver stance is the typical stance for most target shooting. A lot of law enforcement academies used to teach this way. You're going to stand bladed so your lead foot is going to be a little bit forward, your rear foot's going to take a step back and be at a little bit to the side. So you have a nice, nice firm base. Your rear hand is going to be straight, almost locked out. Your support hand is going to be bent. All right? And then you can lean forward with your cheek to aim the gun.

This is a nice comfortable stance. It lends itself to good accuracy. And it's used mostly for range shooting and sport shooting.

The other stance I'd like to talk about is the isosceles stance. This is when you're straight-facing your target and both arms are straight. Knees are bent. Your back is straight. And your arms are out like this.

This is more of a combat stance. Police, military. This is a very strong stance. It allows you to scan in all directions. No blind spots. Whereas the weaver stance, when you're like this, this area here is in your field of view but as you start going this way you're kind of going to be off-balance and it's out of your line of sight. So for police and combat shooting, I feel this is the better stance.

When you take your stance, you want to shoot your arms out, bend your knees a bit, and you aim and fire like this. This allows you to move, move your feet, gives you a very solid base.

So from here, we're going to shoot with our two stances. Once again, the isosceles stance. Knees bent, arms out forward, you're firing like this.

The weaver stance. You put your rear foot back, out to the right a little bit. You're firing like such.

And those are the two basic shooting stances used today.

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