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How to Load a Magazine

Learn how to load a magazine from Police Officer Keith Charley in this Howcast gun video.


Today we're going to discuss how to load the magazine for a semi-automatic pistol.

First thing you do is you take the magazine. I like to use my left hand. Get a nice firm grip on it. Take your rounds in your right hand. What I do is for the first round, I'm going to push it straight down with my thumb. You want to go in and clear the little rails here and just slide the round in.

From there you can use the thumb on this hand to help push it down a little bit. Just apply downward pressure with your thumb and push the next one down and in. And just keep loading them in that fashion.

Straight down. Clear the rails. And in. There.

For larger capacity magazines you want to every few rounds, maybe ten rounds or so, smack it on something maybe the hard surface of your hand just to make sure all the rounds are evenly seeded.

For people out there who may have a hand injury or maybe not as strong in their hands and their thumbs, they have several items on the market for easy loading or speed loading. This for the Glock comes with the Glock pistols. You would slide this on and then the inside of this will push down on the round. So you can just push down with your thumb and you can see it pushes them down. And it's just kind of an assist. It helps you to get the rounds in. It's not always easier for someone that's used to doing it the other way but like I said if you have a hand injury or your thumbs or hands aren't strong, a speed loader like this will definitely help.

There's another type of speed loader on the market for larger magazines. This is a 9mm magazine for an Uzi sub-machine gun. There's loaders like this. You would put it on top like this and then you could load a few rounds on the top. A lot of rifles and larger capacity weapons have loaders like this. And then all you do is push them straight down. There's 32 rounds in this magazine so it takes awhile to load it. It kind of hurts on your thumbs. So speed loaders like this will definitely help.

And that's how to load a magazine for a semi-automatic pistol.

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