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Understanding the Parts of a Gun

Learn about the different parts of a gun from Police Officer Keith Charley in this Howcast gun video.


Today we're going to talk about understanding the different parts of a gun.

There's several types of guns out there and they're all different but most of them have a lot of similarities.

We'll start with an automatic pistol such as this right here. The basic parts of this gun. You have the frame which is bottom with the handle and the trigger guard, and you have the slide which is on the top which moves back and forth.

Now inside the slide, you have the barrel which is where the bullet will spin and come out of, and inside here you also have your firing pin. The firing pin is what comes out and hits the bullet causing it to fire.

Behind the firing pin on every gun is some kind of hammer. The hammer hits the pin making the pin hit the bullet and making it go off.

Most of these guns have a concealed hammer, some of them have an exposed hammer. We'll show you both of those today.

Another part of the gun as far as an automatic is you have your magazine. The magazine goes in the bottom. This is what holds your ammunition.

The magazine well is right here. This is where the magazine goes. Insert it in, that's how you're going to load the gun.

Those are pretty much all the standard parts of the gun. Also you have the trigger, which is right here, which you pull the trigger, causes the hammer to hit the firing pin, which causes the gun to go off.

Another very important part on an automatic is what's called the slide release. When the slide is locked back like this, a little button, it's on this side here, when you depress that, it releases the slide which will load a round into the chamber.

Those are your basic parts of a handgun. The only difference for a revolver on a handgun was this is your exposed hammer which I referred to, it's on the outside. You can see it.

And you have a cylinder instead of a magazine in this gun. The cylinder will hold your ammunition. This will hold 6. Put them in, load them in. Every time you pull the trigger, the cylinder turns and a new round is loaded. Otherwise the components are still the same.

When it comes to long guns, a lot of the similar components have the same names. One shotguns, you have what is called the pump which is right here. The pump is what will load a round into the chamber. The rounds are stored inside this housing here and every time you hit this pump it will eject the spent round that was just shot and load a new one in at the same time.

Otherwise the components are all the same. You have the grip, the trigger, your firing pin's in here.

You also have rifles which are pictured behind me. They all have similar components. They have upper and lower receivers. The triggers and the firing pins, everything works pretty much the same as the pistols, they're just a little bit bigger and sometimes the rifles have a few more parts added.

But this is basically a general overview of the different parts of a gun.

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