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How to Buy Ammunition

Learn how to buy ammunition from Police Officer Keith Charley in this Howcast gun video.


Today we're going to talk about how to buy ammunition. When looking to buy ammunition for any particular gun, first thing you do is decide which type of gun you're going to buy the ammunition for. Once you know that, you have to think about what the ammunition is going to be used for, whether it's hunting, home defense, personal protection, law enforcement, or just general target shooting. There's different kind of ammunition for everything. General target shooting is probably the most popular out there for the public.

A general target round would be something like this; it's got a flat head, it's not real good for hunting, or any kind of personal protection, but it's good for hitting targets. It's going to minimize the risk of ricochet and such and they're usually the cheapest rounds to get. When you start getting into full metal jacket rounds, and hollow points and such, they start to get a lot more expensive. Hunting rounds generally are going to be rifle rounds. They're going to be specific for the type of hunting rifle or shotgun you're going use for your hunting.

Personal protection and self-defense round generally should be hollow point rounds; they tend to stay in one target if you are shooting at a target. They won't pass through (they'll splinter out and cause maximum damage to your intended target and minimal chance of passing through and damaging something that was not intended. When you're buying ammunition, the first thing you do is know your local laws. A lot of states have regulations, especially for pistol ammunition.

Most states will require that you have a pistol license even to sell you ammunition. Some states will even require licensing for rifle and shotgun ammunition, it depends. So, your best bet is to look up your local and state laws. Let that guide you on how to buy ammunition, otherwise go to your local gun dealer and they can help you out as well. That's how to buy ammunition.

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