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How to Carry a Handgun

Learn how to carry a handgun from Police Officer Keith Charley in this Howcast gun video.


Today I'm going to talk about how to carry a handgun. There's several different ways to carry a handgun. First of all, you have to decide whether you're going to be carrying concealed or not concealed. Then you have to look at your purposes, are you carrying for law enforcement purposes? Are you carrying at the range? There's a lot of things you have to decide on. I have a few examples of different ways to carry a gun. Unconcealed, you have mostly hip mounted holsters. You have a variety that go on the outside of your belt, usually they hook right on, the guns will slide right in.

Also, they have holsters that will slide into your pants, they'll be outside your belt or inside your belt depending on what you're doing. One tactical holster that a lot of law enforcement uses, especially SWAT teams, maybe military special forces, they'll use a tactical leg holster, which is right here. What this does is this brings the gun down on your leg for an easier grab because when your arm drops down your natural place it's going to be is on your leg not on your hip. So a lot of people prefer having the gun down there for easy access. Another very popular method, more popular in law enforcement with detectives, people working in plain clothes or undercover assignments, is a shoulder holster. A shoulder holster is worn on the shoulders, it goes around the back to the other side, typically it will hold a gun on one side like this and usually it will hold a spare magazine or two like this one does.

Another common way to carry a gun, usually smaller guns, is what's called an ankle holster. Typically Velcro like this, it's padded on the inside for comfort and what you'll do is you'll put a small frame gun in it like such and you can strap it in and then you just wrap it around your ankle nice and tight and it's there for getting to. But it's a little hard to get to so I generally tend to stay away from these. Another very popular method is carrying concealed holsters. Concealed holsters are when you want to carry a gun, but you don't want anyone to see it. My personal favorite would be an in the pants holster. It looks like this, it's just a holster with a clip and what you would do is you would slide the gun into it and you could also hold an extra magazine in here, then you would tuck it into your pants and this clip would wrap around the outside of the belt and hold it in place so when you draw the gun out the holster doesn't come out with it; it'll stay where it's suppose to be. And these are some typical ways to carry a gun.

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