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How to Store a Gun

Learn how to store a gun from Police Officer Keith Charley in this Howcast gun video.


Today, we're going to talk a little bit about how to store a gun at home safely. When storing guns in your home, the first thing that you have to decide is where you're going to store them, what part of your house and what kind of guns are going to be stored. Do you have handguns, long guns, maybe a combination of both. There are hundreds and hundreds of commercially available safes out there in various sizes from standing floor safes that can be five, six feet tall to little tiny safes. So, it just basically depends on your needs and wants for the gun.

If you're storing a large amount, a floor safe is a good bet. You can hide them in a closet or in a basement, wherever you want to put them. Generally, you can secure them with a bolt through the wall to the studs making them hard to move and you can pretty store everything you have, handguns, rifles, ammunition. Everything can go in these. There are other ways to store guns.

If you want a gun say, maybe you want a pistol readily accessible near your bed when you're sleeping, they have small safes that'll hold one or two pistols. They'll have either a quick combination, sometimes they have a hand indent on the top where you can set your own combination. You just put your hand on it and hit a series of button. It'll open right up.

Also they have biometricsafes which when you put your hand on the latch it reads your fingerprint. As soon as it reads your fingerprint it pops open and the gun's right in your hand. Those can be programmed for multiple people. So, say you have family members, a spouse, or someone else living in the house that you want to also have access to that gun, you can do that. It'll also prevent any unauthorized access from anyone else in the house.

Shot unlocks are a very popular home safety tool too. If you want to keep a shotgun say, handy in a closet in a bedroom whilst still keeping it secure and locked, they have what's called a shot lock which is just a metal box that you would bolt into the wall and it's just a door. It opens up. You put the shotgun in and close it and it has a preprogrammed combination which you can set yourself and hit a button, turn the knob, the door opens and your shotgun is ready.

They're excellent. I highly recommend them. I have one myself. They're very good. They're very safe. The bottom line here is you want to be safe. You don't want any children or any unauthorized people, people that don't know how to handle a gun to get a hold of your weapons. So, the biggest thing here is to just make sure those guns are locked away in the safe and that safe is secure because no sense having a gun in a safe if someone could steal the safe. These are a few ways on how to safeguard your guns at home.

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