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How to Clean a Gun

Learn how to clean a gun from Police Officer Keith Charley in this Howcast gun video.


Today we're going to talk about some gun cleaning basics and tips.

First thing you want to do before you clean a gun is make sure the gun is safe and empty. So you want to move your ammo source. And check the gun and make sure it's empty.

Once you've done that you're going to disassemble the gun. All guns are going to disassemble a little differently than others and are going to clean differently. But basically, the first thing you want to do when you take a gun apart is anything that would get dirty from shooting you want to make sure it gets cleaned.

So there's a few ways to do this. You have spray cleaners like this which you can take and spray parts of the gun. Or you can use a regular cleaner and you can dip it and clean the gun.

What I like to use is an old toothbrush. Once you spray it or get some solvent on there, give everything a good scrub. Get all that dirt off. Anywhere you can get that toothbrush, just give it a good cleaning.

Then you're going to take a clean rag and just wipe it down. Get all the gunk out.

I also like to use these cotton tip applicators. You can get them at a medical supply store or drug store. They're great for getting into little places and getting things clean. These are very good.

Once the gun's cleaned, another very important part is the barrel. To clean the barrel, you're going to take your bore cleaning brush. These are specific for each caliber of gun so you have to have one for each caliber of gun that you have because they're different sizes to fit the diameter of the barrel. What you're going to do is just put a little solvent on the brush and just run it through the barrel a few times.

After you do that, you're going to switch tips on the pole and put a patch, a clean patch to the tip. You're going to put it on this pole here and you're also going to run that through the barrel to get any solvent, any dirt, anything that's left in there out of the barrel.

And then what I like to do is put one more of these on, dab some oil on it, and run that through the barrel just to put a light coating of oil in the barrel.

Once you're done with that it's pretty much just check everything, make sure everything's clean and oil the gun.

Every gun's going to be a little bit different but those basic steps will get any gun clean.

And that's basic tips on how to clean a gun.

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