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How to Oil a Gun

Learn how to oil a gun from Police Officer Keith Charley in this Howcast gun video.


Today we're going to talk about how to oil a gun.

There's several types of guns out there and most guns take apart and go back together differently, different parts. But for the most part on a gun, any main moving part inside the gun needs a little bit of oil once the gun has been cleaned.

This here is a Glock 23. It's already taken apart. I'm going to show you the typical moving parts that would get oiled. This is gun oil. On a gun like this you want to lubricate the rails, which are these metal parts here because that's where the slide will be sliding. So, again, anything that's moving has to be oiled or you're going to have a problem.

So what you would do is one little drop, less is more with this, on each of the 4 rails. Now, when you pull the trigger, you see this mechanism here moving? You're going to get just a little oil in there, lubricate any kind of springs, anything moving but never too much. You don't want to put too much oil in.

That's all you have to oil on this. When I'm oiling my guns, what I also like to do is I like to take a dab of oil on the outside of the barrel and I would rub it around. That just lubricates everything because the slide does slide around the barrel and what I would also do, these are typical cleaning pads, I'll put one of these cleaning pads on the pull here and I will put a little oil here and I'll run it through the barrel. You want a nice coat of oil on the inside of the barrel.

There are other guns that get oiled differently. Which is right here, you would just do each cylinder individually and oil any moving parts on the cylinder here. But otherwise it's pretty much the same with all guns. Just get those moving parts and make sure they're oiled well but not too much oil.

And that's how you oil a gun.

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