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How to Do the Blank Fan Card Flourish

Learn how to do the blank fan from magician Michael Patrick in this Howcast card flourish tutorial.


Hi. I'm Mike Patrick and this is how to do a blank fan.

What you need to do is master the thumb fan in the right hand. It doesn't work in the left hand because that is very not blank. So what you should do is you need to be able to do the fan in your right hand like this. But this doesn't really look all that blank yet so what you do is you can either get a card from a magic shop called a blank face card or the alternative is to do this: you take an ace of hearts or an ace of diamonds, place it on the face of the pack and when you fan the cards you can cover the indexes like this with either 2 thumbs where you can sort of strew the fan like this or alternatively, when you do the fan, you can just cover this with your thumb giving us a blank fan.

You got to be careful. Your fan needs to be really perfect to make it look like a blank fan because if I just did one slide, it would look like this and you'll see all these other cards that doesn't look very good. So you got to make sure that you have a very even spread and you can adjust if you do this towards yourself, that's the convenient way. When you get confident, you can just do it outright in front of people like this, bang. But if you want to adjust, you cover the proper position and you got a blank fan.

You can make it look like it comes back by closing the fan, cutting the deck, giving it a blow and you can either fan them in the other hand or spread them on the table to show the cards have reappeared.

And that is how to do the blank fan.

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