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How to Do the Pressure Fan Card Flourish

Learn how to do the pressure fan from magician Michael Patrick in this Howcast card flourish tutorial.


Hi. I'm Mike Patrick, and this is how to do the pressure fan. To do a pressure fan, you hold it in the same position as if you were to do a thumb fan, that being your two fingers are along the end of the deck, and your thumb should be able to go across. The main difference is the entire way you do it. You're going to do this basically on the pressure you would use if you were going to try to spring the cards. If you were just putting pressure like this, just buckling them in, that is the kind of force that creates the pressure fan. So what happens is you hold them here, and you're going to apply a firm pressure as you go in an arc.

The way I do it is that I go slightly to the right, and about here in this position my thumb moves out of the way as I finish the fan. This is difficult to do slow. So I'm going to do it a few times so you can see it. I put the pressure down, and as my thumb moves out of the way, I finish the fan with the remaining pressure. It looks best face up. And the main reason you would do a pressure fan, other than it looks very cool. . .if you do this people will go, "Wow." Much more so than a normal thumb fan. Another thing is that this will work with very bad cards. So if you have a deck of cards that 's been sitting there for a number of years or they aren't very good for whatever reason, you can usually get a pretty good fan out of a pressure fan no matter what, because it's using a different principle.

So again, just going over the mechanics. You're going to hold them in roughly this position. You cock the deck like this. You go back towards your left just to give you a little bit of extra fan when you're doing it. And you apply pressure downwards, and around here you're going to let your thumb move out of the way as you finish the fan. Again, you need to do this quickly like this. And that concludes how to do a pressure fan. I'm Mike Patrick. Thank you.

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