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How to Do a Variation of the One-Handed Fan Card Flourish

Learn how to do a variation of the one-handed fan from magician Michael Patrick in this Howcast card flourish tutorial.


Hi. I'm Mike Patrick, and this is how to do a one-handed fan, second version. You can see the other version in the other version's video. Basically, this is the same exact thing as closing a fan, for example like this, with one hand except in reverse. This works much better with half a deck than it does with a full deck.

This deck is a little bit light. This is approximately 38, 40 cards. And the action is the following. You're finger comes underneath, your first finger, and it begins to apply pressure to the bottom, and it begins to walk along the outside of the cards. This fan is impossible to do slow, so I'm going to try to simulate the action for you. Your fingers are going to walk along the cards like this. So this would be how to do a very bad one, but if you do it quickly, the action gives you a pretty nice fan.

You can do it in both hands, opening and closing, going back and forth like so. This is the other detail unlike the other fans that you'll do. This starts in a dealing position. Usually you would have a fan like this. This one you want in your hand resting like normal. You're going to place your thumb over the edge, and when you walk the cards like this, after you do it your fingers aren't going to move so much. It's sort of an action like this. So you just boom. And you can use a little bit of momentum from your hand to help you with the action of the fan. But the basic idea is to put your fingers here, move them along, and create a nice, wide fan like so.

You can also close it in the exact reverse action like this. Boom and boom. And that's how to do a one-handed fan.

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