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How to Close a Fan Card Flourish with One Hand

Learn how to close a fan with one hand from magician Michael Patrick in this Howcast card flourish tutorial.


Hi. I'm Mike Patrick and this is how to close a fan with one hand.

This can be used to close any fan, whether it's a pressure fan or a thumb fan as long as it's not this type because that doesn't work.

So you make your fan and what you do is your fingers underneath are going to walk along the edges like this. So to give you a bottom view, they do this and they slowly walk the cards into themselves. It follows this arc of the fan so it's pretty easy to do.

After a while, the action will minimize and will look more like that so it's not like a really spidery action. That might be how you want to do it at first to get the hang of it but after a while, you'll be able to do this.

You can use gravity as your friend because when you do it like this, when it's up like once I get to this point, it's essentially going to close if I just let my hand go. So you can use a little bit of hand motion, use the momentum to help you close it but if you want to do a really slow close, you can always revert back to the walking technique.

And that is how to close a fan with one hand.

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