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How to Do the Catch a Deck Card Flourish

Learn how to do the catch a deck from magician Michael Patrick in this Howcast card flourish tutorial.


Hi. I'm Mike Patrick and this how to catch a deck of cards from across the room. Either your friend can throw it to you and you can catch it or you can throw it at your friend. Once you know the secret, it's very easy.

If you just throw a deck of cards at someone or wing it at them, it's not going to work because they'll, you know, explode in mid-air. What you do is you apply pressure while you hold them in a normal dealing position, meaning that your fingers are all on the edge, your index fingers are front and your thumb on the side, you place your index finger on the bottom and you apply pressure. The deck will buckle a little bit. you don't need tons of pressure. Just enough to hold the deck together because that's what's going to happen. You pin the deck so that there is no air in between the cards and when there's no air, they can't fly across from each other. So if I throw the deck straight up a few times, you'll see that that's pretty secure and I can just catch it over and over again.

You can do the same action of tossing it at someone and they should be able to catch the deck. As long as they don't miss the catch, the cards won't fall and you can very effortlessly do this at a poker game, if your friend is across the table or if your friend is across the room, you're like 'Hey, dude'. You just do this and you catch it and all the onlookers will be very confused as to how you managed to throw a deck that's 52 different pieces of paper at him without dropping any of them.

And that is how to catch a deck. Have fun.

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