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How to Do an In-the-Hands Riffle Shuffle w/ a Bridge Finish

Learn how to do an in-the-hands riffle shuffle with a bridge (waterfall) finish from magician Michael Patrick in this Howcast card flourish tutorial.


Hi. I'm Mike Patrick and this is how to do an in-hands riffle shuffle with a waterfall or bridge finish. All you do is you hold the cards in your hand like this. You have your fingers at the face or on the front edge of the deck. Your index finger is curled over the top and your thumb is on the lower edge. Most of the time when people do the shuffle, just to give you an idea, I see them put the cards on the table and they can't really divide the cards right. And they bang it together and they fail at shuffling. That happens. Awful things. Deck division is very important. This is how to divide a deck properly. You hold the cards as described and you place your other hand in front of it. You're going to let about half of the cards go and your index finger from your left hand is going to clip this side.

The cards are rotated using your right hand up. Your thumb is going to regroup the packet. So, now your hands should be identical. You then pressure with your thumbs, buckling the cards with your index fingers, and the cards will slowly shuffle together. If you're placing your thumb on top and pressuring the cards you can let go, easing pressure away from each other and this will cause them to bridge. Once again, you hold them in this position, allow half the cards to drop, clip with your index finger, push it up to your thumb, allow them to shuffle into each other, and by applying pressure to the top and moving forward and then letting go of pressure from the bottom, they will bridge together.

This is how you do the shuffle in the real time and you should be able to do many, many of these in a row without ever needing to use a table. And that is how you do an inhands riffle shuffle.

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