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How to Do an Overhand Shuffle Card Flourish

Learn how to do an overhand shuffle from magician Michael Patrick in this Howcast card flourish tutorial.


Hi, I'm Mike Patrick and this is how to do an overhand shuffle. It looks like this. And the technique is somewhat important. People often group them incorrectly and when you shuffle, the cards will become all uneven and cards will fall down. And the ways to prevent this are first, is the grip of this hand. This is the most important part. When you shuffle off the first block, you're going to take a block of cards, about five to ten cards, and you're going to make sure that your pinky and your index finger are almost cradling the cards. So they're holding those cards in place. Once you get the first packet, the rest of them can just fall on top like so.

So when you take the first one, you grip those and make sure that you have this cradle for the cards. You can run them singly by just placing your thumb on top and moving this aside, and you can throw packets. You can just let go with your fingers, allowing pressure, or you can literally take them with this thumb. You can interchange them. The whole purpose of the shuffle is when you're doing this, you can alternate the runs and throws to mix the cards really well. That is how to do an overhand shuffle.

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