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How to Do a False Cut Card Flourish

Learn how to do a false cut from magician Michael Patrick in this Howcast card flourish tutorial.


Hi, I'm Mike Patrick and I'm going to teach you how to do a false cut. It looks like this, you give the cards a cut like this and nothing has happened. Just to let you see what's happening so you can follow along a little better, I'll leave the 7 of diamonds on top of the deck face up and when I cut the cards it stays on top. You're giving the impression. . . This is what you want it to feel like, you want it to feel like this happened, but this does not happen because that would actually cut the deck. You use what's referred to as an interrupting action, which is the, this to give the people a little bit of a throw off to make it seem as though you're cutting it differently from how you actually are.

So the first part of this is called a swing cut. I'll briefly go over how to do that for real. You hold the cards like this, and your overhand grip comes so your thumb is on the bottom and these two, your middle and index fingers, are on the extreme upper right edge of the deck. You're going to use your index finger to kick over a packet of cards. You're going to lift up and over. This is going to be a little bit difficult at first, but when you get better control of your fingers you'll be a little better at it. So, I kick this over and now this hand, I'm going to use my thumb to clip this essentially. This gets clipped and I take and I put this on top.

So that's how to do a cut just in the hands, this is called a swing cut and we're going to use this to do the false cut. So what you do is you swing cut this packet into my hand and all I do is I take this one and I kick it, I just tap it here and I put it on the table and then I take this on the table. So now, if I do this with a card face up, you'll see I take this card and normally you would just do this, but what you do is you tap, let the cards in your hand go to the table then you place the other cards on the table. This is very deceptive, if you're doing a card trick and you want it to look like you shuffled the deck and then just gave the deck a cut without actually doing anything. That's how to do a false cut. I wish you much success.

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