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How to Do a Pivot Cut Card Flourish

Learn how to do a pivot cut from magician Michael Patrick in this Howcast card flourish tutorial.


Hi. I'm Mike Patrick, and this is how to do a pivot cut. It looks like this. And you can do it in both hands, like so. The grip is that you've got to get into a straddle grip. A straddle grip means that your index finger and your pinky are on the opposite sides of the deck, more or less in the center of each packet, and your middle and ring fingers are on one edge, and your thumb is on the other.

So this creates a very, very secure grip for the cards. Your thumb is going to come to the lower left hand corner and break at about the halfway point. You're then going to stretch these cards. And you're trying to get your thumb and your pinky to be as far away from each other as possible. And then you simple reverse the action, bringing the thumb back, and you should end in the same type of position you were to begin with. When you're doing these for speed, you're going to try to get your recovery time so that you can get this going as quickly as you can and do as many as you can in a row. That's what makes it look less sloppy. You can do them in each hand.

When you're starting, and even when I do it in general, I usually do it with half the deck, because I'm usually doing it double-handed. You'll probably have a much easier time if you use fewer cards than an entire deck at first. So once again, the mechanics are as such. You hold them in a straddle grip. Once again, index finger, pinky on the back, fingers on the side, thumb on the side. Your thumb comes to the back, cuts off about half of the cards, moves all the way like this and all the way back down, stretching as far as you can go. Hand flexibility helps you greatly in this. If you just hold the cards like this, not even practicing the cut, your fingers will eventually get much more flexible, and you'll have an easier time doing it. So every time you do five of them, do one where you hold it, and then you finish it.

The best way of practicing this is if you do about, when you wake up, 10, 30 in the morning and 10 to 30 at night. And you will eventually get a very clean, very fast pivot cut. You have a great day.

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