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How to Do a Triple Cut Card Flourish

Learn how to do a triple cut from magician Michael Patrick in this Howcast card flourish tutorial.


Hi, I'm Mike Patrick, and this is how to do a triple cut. Looks like this. The action is very similar to a Charlier Cut, do not attempt to do this unless you do a Charlier Cut first. The action, you get into again the straddle grip like we've described before, that's the index finger on top, pinky at the back, these two fingers on the side, thumb on the side. You're going to let approximately a third of the deck go. And there are two ways to approach this. One is if you have smaller hands, one is if you have larger hands. Sometimes, hand size is subjective, so usually people that have hands that are large enough to do it, simply aren't flexible enough to do it, and they aren't holding the cards in the right area. So keep trying, see if it can work for you. I'll show you the first way.

The first way is if you cut the cards, allow them to go like this, and then do this. The second method looks a little bit different. You do it like so. Subtle differences but I'll explain what they are. You're going to cut off a third of the deck and you're going to push them underneath your thumb. So that should be able to just hit right away. And then you're going to allow your thumb to release a smaller packet and you're going to cut both of those up like a standard Charlier Cut. So again, you let a portion of the cards go.

Grip them underneath the thumb. Let the rest of the cards go, and they go on top. The other method which is a little bit different, and this is easier, you're going to let the cards fall just like before, but you're going to get them as if you're completing the Charlier Cut. Now you grip over with your thumb. And then you do the rest of the action. The reason this is easier is because you might find it difficult to clear and get your thumb like this. You can prevent this by pushing the cards more to your finger tips and stretching further, and then you should be able to do it. But if not, this is perfectly acceptable. No one will know the difference.

You simply regrip the cards and finish the cut like this. So again, you drop the third, they go underneath your thumb, take off another third, finish the cut. That's how you do the triple cut.

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