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How to Do an Arm Spread Card Flourish

Learn how to do an arm spread from magician Michael Patrick in this Howcast card flourish tutorial.


Hi. I'm Mike Patrick and this how to do an arm spread.

It looks like this. You would spread the cards along the arm. You can turn them over and you can re-assemble them like this. You can also throw them in mid-air and catch them depending on how excited you'll feel that day. But the trick is a little different from if you're normally spreading cards on a table, for example.

So I hold the cards with my thumb at the back here and my other fingers on the top, bevel the cards. You're going to hold this card as flat as you can, you're going to bevel these cards so that there's an angle going in the front towards you. You're going to apply even pressure as you spread along your arm.

Now this, for example, is not so great. I tried doing this a little slowly and what happens is if you get a big gap in the spread like, say for example, this, when I try to turn the cards over, it's not going to succeed. You need to make sure that it gets very consistent even spread if you want them to turn over properly.

So you take the cards, you spread them along the arm by moving your fingers towards you. This will cause the entire spread to turn over. If you do it quickly it's much easier. And if you use your thumb underneath, you just move forward and you can re-square the cards.

So you spread the cards, flip them over and simply scoop them back up like this. Give the cards a spread, flip them over and simply reassemble like this. So you spread, flip, come back.

The more even your spread is, the better the arm spread will look.

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