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How to Do an Overhand Lift Shuffle Card Flourish

Learn how to do an overhand lift shuffle from magician Michael Patrick in this Howcast card flourish tutorial.


Hi, I'm Mike Patrick and this is how to do an overhand lift style shuffle. What it looks like is this. But it's a bit more sneaky than that. Because, for example, if I have the three of diamonds, I have no other three of diamonds in this deck. But if I shuffle the cards, I can still maintain control over the three of diamonds.

How this works, is that when you take that. First, you need to be really good at an overhand shuffle first. So make sure that you're very comfortable with shuffling the cards like this. Because otherwise this will not look any good at all, people will figure it out.

So what you do is you take off a block of cards, about ten cards or so. And their card, or whatever you wish to control, whether it's the aces or whatever, that's on top of the deck. When you go to do the second chop of the shuffle, you are going to pick this up with the other fingers behind. So it's going to be this kind of action. And you're going to continue the shuffle on until you reach that gap. You drop everything above it, and then drop those cards.

I'll do it with the cards face up like this, with the five of spades as the top of the deck. If I shuffle off the first packet, that goes behind the others as I continue the shuffling action. As per usual, I reach the break and I drop everything on top of it. So from behind, you can see it like this. And you should have the shuffle be a very smooth, consistent action. You can do this a few times in a row and maintain the same shuffle. That is how you do a lift shuffle.

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