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How to Palm a Sponge Ball

Learn how to palm a sponge ball from magician Michael Patrick in this Howcast magic tricks video.


Hi, I'm Mike Patrick, and this is How to make a Sponge ball Vanish. You take the ball and it disappears. You make it reappear like this and there are a lot of other ways to do it. You can also put it in this elbow and take it out of this elbow, and these all use the same basic technique. What happens is you have two ways. I'll teach the easy way first and then a slightly more advanced but still really simple method. The easiest way of doing it is to place your thumb on top of this and as you open your other hand you place this ball like this and as soon as these fingers touch these fingers, you're going to pull this hand away and then you're going to make it disappear. It's important that you don't just do this. You go... and then it's gone, because it doesn't really feel like it disappeared. It feels like you took it away. You need to do something to make it look like magic like blow on it. Like you go like this... and then it disappears.

It makes a lot stronger this way. So the technique is that you put your thumb on top, you place this in the hand, as soon as these fingers touch is when your hand retreats, blow, and then it disappears. The other method looks a little bit like, this is what that would look like. This looks a little bit better... disappears. What this is, is I sort of roll the ball. I have the finger at the top, the thumb, and when I'm moving it back I move the thumb back and I close this hand around it. So same kind of idea. As soon as this gets out of their sight line and these fingers are closing you're going to move the hand out of the way. I think this looks awfully good, doing it like this... disappears. Here are some other ways that you can use it very briefly. You can take the ball, put it in this elbow, take it out, place it into the pocket and make it reappear, and then if you take the ball you can make two of them.

So you would simply have another sponge ball in your pocket. You make this one appear, pull it out of someone's ear, whatever you want to do. Just hide it in your hand or pull it out of their head. You make the ball go into your elbow, so you just fake, you do this, pretend to take it out of your elbow, take it out of this hand. Now you'll learn how to do the move in your left hand too. If you can do it ambidextrously, you can do even more tricks. So I pretend to put it in this pocket, I just make it come back again, and I take a ball secretly from this pocket, and then I can just come up here and pull them apart. If you want to make it a little more deceptive than that, you just put your thumb on top and you change hands, almost like you're making it disappear but you have two objects. And then you simply go up to it and pull them apart. That's how you make a sponge ball vanish and a few other things.

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