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How to Do the Top-of-Fist Vanish Magic Trick

Learn how to do the top-of-fist vanish trick from magician Michael Patrick in this Howcast magic tricks video.


Hi, I'm Mike Patrick, and this is how to do a top of the fist sponge ball vanish. You simply place the ball into the hand, blow, and it disappears. It's over here. The way is works is you place the hand on top and your going to simulate pushing this into your hand. What I do, is I just place this here, and I just cover it, I more or less just, mash it with my hand as if I'm just pushing it in very caveman style, if you will. But, I just clip it with my thumb like this. So, when I go like this, boop, sometimes you'll want to push it with another finger just to make it look like it goes in all the way, and you can make it disappear. There are alternative vanishes.

There are a lot of different ways of doing it. But, in certain contexts, this works really well. The way I usually use it, I have a bigger ball for this, is I would take a sponge ball. I go like this, and it becomes a larger sponge ball. This is pretty subtle. I usually get one that's about three or four inches long, but you can use this to make it turn in to any object. Let me see here. Like, for example, if I had a ball, I could go like this and then it turns in to a handkerchief.

So, all you do is you would have the object you wish it to change in to in your hand to begin with, and, the beauty of the top of the fist vanish, is that you don't need to open your hand like in a normal vanish. Like this. This hand stays closed. So, you simply place the ball on top of your hand, pretend to put it inside, blow, and then, it changes in to anything that you want it to. That's the top of the fist vanish.

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