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How to Do the Jumping Thimble Magic Trick

Learn how to do the jumping thimble trick from magician Michael Patrick in this Howcast magic tricks video.


Hi. I'm Mike Patrick and this how to do the jumping thimble trick. It uses 2 thimbles.

If you watch the vanish the thimble, it's essentially this: you're holding it and it goes into thumb palm, like so and it comes out except you're doing this in both hands. You got to learn how to do this and you're going to time it so that they vanish once, you're going to have one visible while your other hand is open and when you come down and hit here, you're going to pull this finger into the thimble and extend this one as you take this off.

So you're taking off as you're putting the other one on. And it looks like it jumps through your elbow and through your body. You can do it as you cross your hand like this and there's a variety of ways of doing it and you can use it to make more thimbles as you go into a further thimble routine. But that is the basics on how to do the jumping thimble trick, just like this.

Going again into detail, you go down into here, going forward so simply your thumb catches this, moves forward and moves back in. Do this in front of the mirror to get some rhythm going and when you can do this you'll be able to move on into thimble work.

What's nice about this is that if you have a bunch of other thimbles, you can put those on your finger and since you're not actually showing your hand empty, you can make the thimble jump a few times and make a whole bunch of thimbles appear if you do this. You simply need to have other thimbles on your fingers and keep your hand close and you can still do the thumb palm the same way.

And that's how you do the jumping thimble trick.

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