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How to Do the String & Straw Magic Trick

Learn how to do the string and straw trick from magician Michael Patrick in this Howcast magic tricks video.


Hi, I'm Mike Patrick, and this is how to do the String and Straw Trick. You have a string and you place it through the straw. Take a pair of scissors and I cut straight through the middle of the straw. And somehow with a blow the string stays in one piece. That's the String and Straw Trick. This is how it works. And this is how you prepare a straw.

You take a straw and you can take an X-ACTO knife. If you're a kid, make sure that you get your parents to help you with this. But somewhere in the middle of the straw you will make a slit. So I just go straight along the edge here. And it's best if the straw has some kind of design or is a thick straw. Straws that are very long are great.

This is not the best, but this will work. You place the string through it. You get it to go all the way through. And then you get the slit, make sure the audience does not see the slit. You can show that this goes through both sides. And when you bend the straw, you cover the entire thing with your hand for a second. You pull straight down. What this does is it causes the string to go through the slit and effectively out of the straw at that top part. You cover the part with the string with your fingers.

This works better if you have a larger straw. And you take your scissors. And don't cut through the string 'cuz that'll destroy the end of the trick but you cut right through the straw. They can see that it goes into two pieces. You bring it back together. Blow. And then by pulling straight up, it looks like the string has restored itself. That is the classic String and Straw Trick.

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