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How to Do the Coin thru the Handkerchief Magic Trick

Learn how to do the coin thru the handkerchief trick from magician Michael Patrick in this Howcast magic tricks video.


Hi, I'm Mike Patrick and this is how to do the Coin Through Handkerchief trick. Place the coin in the handkerchief, blow, and you can actually massage it, getting it to go all the way through the handkerchief. I'll do that one more time. You can take the coin, place it inside, and immediately pull it right through. What you do is much like in the other video where we learned how to vanish a coin. You do that exact same thing. You do the coin vanish, which I explained.

You turn your hand over so now you have the coin secretly in this hand. So after you do that, you go like this, pretend to put it in this hand. You turn your hand over, and then you place your thumb on the back. So this gives us this kind of condition. They think that the coin is inside, and when you pull, it looks like it penetrates the handkerchief. Now you can place this away and go into any number of other coin tricks that you might know. That's how you do the coin through handkerchief.

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