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How to Make a Coin Vanish

Learn how to make a coin vanish from magician Michael Patrick in this Howcast magic tricks video.


Hi, I'm Mike Patrick, and this is how to make a coin vanish. You take the coin, you blow, and the coin disappears and reappears like this. It can also go into this elbow and come out of here, and that's how you make a coin vanish. What happens is these fingers are here. The coin comes into the hand. As the coin approaches, what you're simulating is taking the coin like this. What's actually going to occur is the thumb releases its grip and the coin, when I do it, it almost pivots like this. So when the coin goes into the hand, when these fingers screen, when these fingers touch each other, that's when it comes inside, and then your hand closes like this.

Disappears like that. It's important that you don't pull this hand away or do anything too suspicious. You don't have to do this really quickly or anything. If you do it really fast, people will think you did something sneaky. You can do this, relatively speaking, pretty slowly, and it still looks really good. You can make the coin disappear like this. You can make it go into an elbow, come out of another one, however you'd like to do it. The possibilities are almost endless. You can make this disappear and appear beside someone's ear, go behind your knee, whatever you would like to do. And that is how to make a coin vanish.

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