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How to Do Card Flourishes with Michael Patrick

Learn about magician Michael Patrick, one of Howcast's card flourishes experts, in this video.


Hi, I'm Mike Patrick from You can also find me on Facebook by typing Mike Patrick magic. It's pretty simple.

I've been doing magic for about 12 years, and I've been a professional for the last eight. I specialize in doing full magic shows. I also do walk around magic for weddings and stuff, but most of what I do is doing shows for groups of as small as five, but up to, like, 30, 40, 50 people in their homes or apartments. A lot of apartments in NYC. But I do it for a group of their friends, and I do about an hours worth of magic. That's a full magic show of the best stuff I've done.

I've always liked magic. I remember watching David Copperfield TV specials when I was kid. I remember being really excited because Wayne Gretzky was going to be on it. He was on a cartoon that I used to like a lot.

He borrowed Wayne Gretzky's baseball card, the most valuable card in the world, and tore it in to tiny little pieces and put it back together, one piece at a time. And, whenever I thought about magic tricks, for the rest of my life, I always thought of that one time, when he took that baseball card, and just put it right back together. That was what was magic for me. I really like magic because, I feel as though if you create the best sequence of magic, people will see something they've never seen before. When they're on the edge of their seat, and they think that everything is over, and I still do, like, three or four things in a row that completely fry them, I know that I will get them to the level where they just can't handle it. They just completely fall apart, and, then, they experience magic. Because, that's what it is. Magic is when nothing makes sense anymore, and everything seems perfect. It's special effects in real life.

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